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Voice Amplifiers

With Headset Microphone Strap the ChatterVox around your waist and away you go. Uses a headset microphone that gently fastens around the head. Picks up small voice signals and amplifies them. Where articulation and volume is reduced, the ChatterVox will enhance voice so people can be understood. Laryngectomees who use an artificial larynx, TEP, or esophageal speech can benefit from using the ChatterVox with a special Head Microphone. Patients who are weak, fatigue easily, and have little breath support will be amazed by the ChatterVox. The ChatterVox is shipped with a headset microphone unless a request for another Microphone is made. Please call or email us with application questions. We are happy to help you. Comes with rechargeable batteries and charger.
Price: $249.95

110 volt AC Adaptor
110 volt AC Adaptor for Classic PowerVox Voice Enhancer
Price: $19.95

Behind-The-Head Mic
High quality, uni-directional microphone for use with HoneyTone Plus, Piper, and MiniVox systems. Does not require phantom power. Designed for comfortable, hands-free use hour after hour.
Price: $148.95

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